My name is Tim Pollard. I am based in Chirton, near Devizes, Wiltshire and am the proprietor of 'Brush Strokes Chimney Sweeps and Chimney Services'. I am

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Safety Advice

We offer a full safety advice service and, as we are fully qualified sweeps, we are trained in good practise and safety around solid fuel fires, stoves and appliances. Correct fuels and good burning practise are essential for efficiency and safety. Excess smoke and dirty chimneys will inevitably lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide production, tar and creosote build-up and the possibility of a chimney fire. General fire and fireplace safety are just some of the topics we cover and we are willing to discuss any of these at length if necessary to ensure the customer is confident in the safe and efficient use of their fire.

Chimney sweeping is imperative for clean and efficient use of your appliance, together with the prevention of soot build-up and tar deposits . Left unchecked these can build up to dangerous levels, causing chimney blockages and the ingress of carbon dioxide into the living space. This gas is odourless and colourless and can often be fatal in high concentrations. High soot and tar deposits can also lead to chimney fires with catastrophic consequences.



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